Sophia Kell Hagin

Born and raised near Chicago, Illinois, Sophia Kell Hagin moved to Massachusetts to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy, but ended up dropping out and working yuck jobs until she landed a position as an information technology industry analyst. A dozen years later, she dropped out again to earn her living as a freelance IT industry analyst, writer, and editor.

Sophia Kell Hagin

Sophia’s first novel, Whatever Gods May Be (2010), won several awards, including a Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Dramatic General Fiction, a Lesbian Fiction Reader’s Choice Award in General Fiction, and an LGBT Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention for Best Lesbian Debut Novel.

Two more novels about the same protagonist, both political thrillers, have followed: Shadows of Something Real (2013) and Omnipotence Enough (2017), thus completing this trilogy published by Bold Strokes Books.

Sophia lives in Truro with her longtime life, love, and business partner, whom she married as soon as she was allowed to (in 2004, because it’s Massachusetts!).

Excerpts from Sophia’s novels can be seen at her website: