Karma Kitaj

Third-time published author Karma Kitaj (pronounced Key-Tie), PhD, has come out with her first fiction piece, called Beguiled published by Koehler Books. See www.Karmakitaj.com. The historical novel is set in early 1900s Boston’s old West End, a thriving multi-ethnic immigrant enclave, unfortunately razed by the redevelopment authority in the 1950s.

The protagonist is Miriam Levine, first generation Russian-Jewish girl, raised to be something special by her culture-maven Pop. He introduces her to theater from a young age, nurturing her desire to go on stage, much to her mother’s chagrin. A near fatal error almost derails her plans, but she perseveres and lives out her fantasy in bohemian Greenwich Village and the cultural mecca of Provincetown in the Roaring Twenties.

Kitaj’s previous two books, Women Who Could… and Did (2002), were based on interviews of high-achieving women over age 65 in the arts and sciences and Women Riders Who Could… and Did (2010)based on equestriennes of note. Karma authored a blog (www.RetirementAsYouWantIt.com) and articles for online publications, such as the Huffington Post. She contributed a chapter on creativity to Live Smart After 50! The Experts Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times. She has hosted a TV show she created, (archived on YouTube and Vimeo), called “New Adventures As We Age” where she interviewed 100+ people over age 50.

Having been a “listening” expert all her adult life as a psychotherapist and life coach (www.LifeSpringCoaching.com), she was fascinated by hearing and helping people make sense of their stories. Writing fiction was a natural evolution of that.