Ellen Levy

Ellen Levy is the author of Romance at Stonegate, and she is obsessed. When she wrote her memoir, My First 65 Years, in 2014 she had no idea that her childhood fantasy of being a writer of creative fiction would take over her life.

Ellen lives part of her life in Boston with her wife and two cats and she winters in Florida with 500 older women who celebrate the hard-earned freedom to be themselves. She also spends part of every day in 1910.

She spends her turn-of-the-last-century life with Deborah and Miriam, young Jewish women who are immediately attracted to one another, though neither understands. They find their connection is more intimate and intriguing than either imagined. These young women are products of the turn-of-the-century values yet discover love with one another, a rarely accepted behavior in post-Victorian America. They explore ways to fit into a culture that is unforgiving of the choices they make to be together, finding many old-fashioned beliefs that challenge their love.

Ellen would like you to join her in Deborah and Miriam’s world as they explore the physical and emotional pull of young love. Passion pulls them together but separates them from everything that is familiar. It is exciting, yet frightening to discover what it means to be a lesbian in a world that is not ready for them.

If you become intrigued with their lives, you are in luck. The sequel is currently being edited!

Ellen Levy