A. C. Burch

A. C. Burch is the author of The HomePort Journals, A Book of Revelationsand the novella, “Last Chance.” 

A Provincetown resident for more than thirty years, A. C. is fascinated by people who strive for something better. Whether seeking out new places to live or crafting new identities, his characters tend to face life head on—some with confidence, some with trepidation—in moments of life-changing decision.

Photo Credit Craig Bailey – Perspective Photo

The Eight Stories of A Book of Revelations explore the tipping point—when the truth offers liberation and continued self-deception perpetuates the status quo.

Private Quarters: A coming of age story. With cocktails.

Curtain Call: A spurned “mistress” crashes a memorial for her ex-lover’s wife.

Götterdämmerung: The complex relationship between a maestro and his protégé.

Convergence: An aging artist and would-be socialite hosts a disastrous dinner party.

The Honoree: A local saint’s past unexpectedly threatens her future.

Last Chance: A gay detective investigates a murder case where nothing is at it seems.

The Midnight Suitor: A nephew unearths an old family secret–with a modern-day twist.

Even In Death: Mourners who are strangers “bond” at a charlatan’s wake.


“Burch weaves a collection of crackerjack plot twists in which unlikely heroes seize the day.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“A Book of Revelations delivers on its promise. It will surprise, sadden, delight, shock, and most likely bring you to tears more than once.”
– GGR Reviews.